COVID-19: Digital fundraising, what's it all about?

Episode 3,   Apr 07, 2020, 03:30 PM

In the current environment of COVID-19, charities have been thrust headfirst into the world of digital fundraising. Fundraising during coronavirus is critically important to charity survival and while making the rapid change to digital is a necessity, how can you set yourself up to support the transition long term?

We answered some of those questions in a podcast we ran fro our Digital Fundraising Day last November, and thought now would be a perfect time to share this with the rest of our audience as we navigate the murky waters of digital working. 

Original blurb below:

People often see the word digital and think they need to be running viral campaigns, deploying innovative tech platforms and using jargon words (like innovative) to drive their fundraising goals. But, in reality, it's the organisations who are getting the basics right that are setting themselves up for long-term success.

On this pod we're joined by 3 incredible guests from the charity sector as we strip back digital fundraising to its core and ask the question, well what does it really mean?