Wednesday November 6 2019 The Anna & Raven Show

Nov 06, 2019, 04:28 PM

If you're the parent that yells at referees during kid's games,-That's All I Need To Know About You! (:00) Where's the most awkward place you've ran into an ex? (3:41) Adults got to voice their opinions on election day yesterday, but what to the kids want? (13:13) Anna embarrasses her daughter Hayden while clothes shopping (17:14) Honda of Westport Couple's Court- After a robbery his friends chipped in to help him replace his stuff. Now that the police found his belongings she wants him to return the money to his friends, he says no way! (20:15) Can Jennifer from Bridgeport beat Raven? (28:32) An iconic hairstyle is coming back and Anna is pumped! (32:43) Tell Me Something Good- Jennifer Hubbard gives details on the 3rd annual Catherine Violet Hubbard animal sanctuary gala