IQ? How about LQ?

Episode 6,   Nov 07, 2019, 07:05 PM

Ali Borhani makes a case for family enterprises to develop their LQ, or learning quotient, to better cope with a kaleidoscope of variables in economies beset with disruption. Listen now!

As the pace of change accelerates in our world so does the pace of disruption. Are today’s family enterprises equipped to manage more unknowns? Climate change, Brexit, pandemics, supply chain disruption – the non-linear effects of global dynamics are as far-reaching as they are numerous, argues Ali Borhani. As variables multiply, the act of prediction – metaphorically speaking – will no longer be through binoculars but through kaleidoscopes. How will tomorrow’s family enterprises adopt? How can next gens manage more change in more sectors more often? Borhani offers listeners food for thought as to how families might deal with entirely new metrics.