Friday, November 8: We Talk To The "No Tolls" Hat Lady, Dumb Ass News, And More!

Nov 08, 2019, 10:16 PM

Ashley mom, Momma Gee, calls in some embarrassing stories about Ashley being a Disney nut (0:00)

Governor Lamont's toll proposal was announced at a press conference yesterday, but the talk today was about the woman wearing the "No Tolls" hat, Hillary Gunn, who spoke with Chaz and AJ (9:16)

Scot Haney complains about getting no sleep, the annoying Christmas song he heard this morning, and gives the weekend forecast (gonna be cold!) (20:48)

Dumb Ass News - everyone bashes a kid for getting his tongue stuck in a bottle, trying to get to the last drops of juice (31:19)

Boss Keith changed up his Top 5 this week to try and be more positive, but no one let him off the hook, and he threw paper and cursed out the show (33:54)