Kelly Grace Thomas - Metaphors for the Body, Saying the Unsayable

Season 1, Episode 7,   Nov 12, 2019, 12:02 AM

In this podcast, Kelly Grace Thomas discusses how she uses poetry to explore issues that nobody talks about. Her latest book focuses on issues of the body, femininity, and changing conceptions of what it means to be a woman. A poet who has won Rattle’s Neil Postman Award, Kelly discusses how she comes up with metaphors, and how she uses them, not just in one poem, but as a way to hold an entire collection together. 

Rewrite Technique: Listen to many poems. Listen to them being spoken out loud, or else read them, in large groups, in a row. Then go for a walk, preferably on a beach or somewhere in naturem and let the language continue to wash over you until you feel it in your body. Then rewrite the poem you're stuck on again, from scratch.