s04e45 - F'in Ira Returns! Mr. Robot, The Deuce, Watchmen & More!

Nov 15, 2019, 04:21 PM

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F'in Ira's back! We're old school this week with one of our founding members, Ira Malkin! Join us as we talk about "The Deuce", "Mr. Robot", "Watchmen", and even a little "Dolemite". 

PLUS: Plenty of pop culture rabbit holes, deep fakes, people eating corn starch on YouTube, Disney Plus excludes "Song of the South", and two of Game Master Ira's signature competitions: "Don or Jimmy" and "Bigger Bombs!" 

Our favorite podcasts, Tim buys some comic books, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, South Park, we ate some pizza, Rockdale Tiger is a snitch, and a lot more!

Ira’s Staff PIcks: Hard to Handle - Life and Death of the Black Crowes (Audiobook), Pete Correale stand up special (YouTube)

Jeff’s Staff Picks: Ray Donovan (11/17 on HBO), Good Eats Thanksgiving Special (Food Network) and Mr. Pickles returns (Adult Swim)

Steph’s Staff Picks: Villians (Parcast podcast)

Tim’s Staff Picks: Undiscovered Country (Image Comics) & Van Morrison’s newest, “Three Chords & The Truth”


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