TOM WHEELHOUSE: The impact on officers leaving the police service.

Nov 16, 2019, 04:41 PM
Tom Wheelhouse spent several years in the Metropolitan police service and one of his career highlights was working on the 2012 London Olympics. However he soon came to realise that his dream job was becoming a nightmare and after careful thought handed in his resignation due to the toxic work atmosphere he found himself in. 

With no job and no plan he managed to find work in the commercial sector for several years before realising what he really wanted to do was to help people who found themselves in the same situation he was in years earlier.

He set up his own company Mightify who assist police officers who have left the service after retirement or through resignation. Tom reminds us that there is a life worth living after leaving the police and give tips of how not to sell ourselves short when going for work. We also talk about the potential pitfalls surrounding mental health and the loss of identity when people leave.

You can find Toms website Mightify here