Monday, November 18: Senator Blumenthal Stops By And Recapping AJ's Box Experience

Nov 18, 2019, 04:06 PM

Breakdown of Fox 61's recap of AJ's in a Box listening to "Baby Shark" on endless loop for 24 hours (0:00)

Senator Richard Blumenthal talks about AJ's missing boots, and Intern Swipe is given the opportunity to interview him live on the air (13:42)

Radio personality endures torture to raise toys for kids he hates (27:33)

NFL agent Joe Linta talks about the Colin Kaepernick tryout, the brawl that ended the Browns and Steelers game from Thursday Night Football, and more in the NFL (38:51)

AJ fell leaving the box Friday, but who's fault was it? The show seems split on whether Ketchup Bob caused the fall, or if AJ is the culprit (48:27)