The Anna & Raven Show: 11.19.19

Nov 19, 2019, 03:36 PM

If you're nosy and you can't take a hint to back off-"That' All I Need To Know About You!" (:08) The former owner of Anna's house left behind some really cool vintage things and the previous owner of Raven's house left him a super valuable patio set. What thing did the old owner of your house leave behind? These get interesting! (3:22) Courting with Courtney-this week stand up comedian and self described dating expert Courtney Davis tells us how to approach a guy if we aren't feeling confident and how to attract people to you! (15:18) The store 5 Below is going to start selling things for $10 and Anna is not happy about it! (19:35) Honda of Westport Couples Court: He thinks that because they're married her has a right to go through her phone. She feels that it's an invasion of privacy and besides-he freaks out over things that aren't a big deal! Who's right? We let you decide! (21:56) Can't Beat Raven- Can Rosalinda from Bridgeport beat Raven? (28:45) Tell Me Something Good: An Ansonia resident has taken it upon herself to set up a food donation pantry on her front lawn and the community is really coming together to help those in need! (32:44)