Monsters Of Merseyside: Evil At Eastham Rake

Nov 21, 2019, 04:25 AM
In Part 1 of what was originally intended as a single episode, we are in the UK area of Merseyside and back in the mid 1990's this week on The True Crime Enthusiast Podcast - where you'll meet the first Monster, the perpatrator of a truly despicable, heartbreaking crime.

And two names that I hope you will never forget.

Music used in this episode: "Chance" by Kai Engel from the album "The Run" All music used is sourced from and used under an Attribution Licence (

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  • Ballad Of Bodmin Pill - New Model Army
  • She Gets Passed Around At Parties - Future Of the Left

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Remembering Paul Barker, and Robbie Gee.