Do Electric Ferries Dream of Staten Island?

Nov 21, 2019, 12:56 PM

Staten Island ferry reimagined by Graeme Rose.

For this Cities and Memory project I realised that the deadline was, more or less, when the events in the 1982 film 'Blade Runner' take place. This got me considering what the clip I picked, ('Staten Island Ferry') would be like in this alternative November 2019. Maybe it would be a space port as well as a normal ferry crossing?

I sliced up the file into the announcements ( for glitching and distorting) and slams from it as heartbeating-ish engine throbs, with the sounds of the water as background hum/hiss. And went for an ambient-ish set of music chords which ebb and flow, and surround, like waves over the ferry noises to surround them all.

So do Electric Ferries dream of Staten Island?