Talking Commercial Real Estate Marketing with Eddie Gonzalez

Nov 23, 2019, 07:49 PM

The power of the internet is fun! I had the opportunity to meet Eddie Gonzalez via the internet social platforms, we had a common interest in Commercial Real Estate marketing. What I recall in the first meeting with Eddie is that he was just getting started in his career and not afraid to try and create unique online videos and pictures. The internet content creation was a newer idea for both of us and we were trying to figure out how to apply the passion to a career in #CRE. We had the opportunity to meet one another in person in 2017 at ICSCrecon. After meeting and discussing a common interest in making online videos, Eddie and I went on our way to grow our business in real estate. We stayed in touch via the internet. We both worked hard to adapt to Instagram Stories when this feature was built to really compete with SnapChat.

Since 2017 I have watched Eddie not only become fluent with content creation but he has absolutely allowed for his true self to shine thru on social. He is good at forgetting about the noise about what others might say about a commercial real estate agent creating unique content. Catch Eddie here in what he calls #TubTalk. This is a great example of Eddie using the time that otherwise would not be a content creating a moment to making it a segment you won't forget and one that you will either begin to know, like, and trust him as your advisor. Or let's be real a client may just think he’s weird but that most likely means you were not a good fit for him as a client most likely anyways. 

I must say I have been impressed to watch how Eddie has started using LinkedIn, Instagram, and now TikTok to do what most commercial real estate agents have not figured out. On LinkedIn, one example of him doing things differently is he asks about your customer experience examples and shares his. By doing so he is encouraging engagement from people that are not interested #CRE but they may answer the question and think of Eddie as a go-to for a friend or themselves in the future if the need for #CRE comes up. On Instagram, besides #TubTalk he shows awesome drone footage, family, and a great video about his day as a real estate professional. Now as a leading commercial real estate content creator you bet that if you open TikTok you will find Eddie with his account under username: @azcre. Here you will find Eddie testing a growing platform because he is a first-mover in our industry in creating content on new platforms and in new ways. 

In December 2017 I was able to chat with Eddie on a Podcast and the full episode available on YouTube <<< here. This was a great conversation and I’m excited that now again in 2019 we are getting back at it again. Be sure to check out this podcast at the links below. If you haven’t yet also be sure to follow Eddie Gonzalez he will certainly make it worth the follow :-) 

Cheers to you Eddie! Keep making a difference in your market and keep creating content in ways that others can learn from your passion. You are a leader online in commercial real estate marketing!