Banbury Sound, Rugby FM, Touch closes - 2019

Nov 30, 11:01 AM
29th November 2019 saw another tranche of brand changes as the Touch stations, Rugby FM and Banbury Sound closed - ready to become Capital under a brand agreement between Global and the station owners Quidem.

For the industry, it was a move which might have been predicted some years ago. The rationale is well-rehearsed and the evidence for change reasonably solid in a fast-changing world. Powerful radio brands are one of the reasons why UK commercial  radio is in good health with both audiences and revenues. 

"I suppose it is a 'Black Friday' for me..."

Nevertheless, for those who grew up with the stations - and for those who have appeared on them, it is of course a hugely sad moment. Here, enjoy some of the goodbyes from the presenters. Hats off particularly to Kirsty with  her heartfelt farewells - played in split and tailored for each area. Doing it once  is painful enough. Well done Kirsty.

"I've enjoyed nearly every second of it"
"It's been an honour to be in your life"
"Thanks to my family listening in to my last show..."

Hear too the eerie ten seconds of silence before the warm-up for Capital begins and the legal moment of the start of the brand licence kicks in. Under Capital, the stations will originate a joint regional drive show, providing a new opportunity for Ollie and Simon from Touch, and localised informational segments.

107.6 Banbury Sound (Banbury, Brackley & North Oxfordshire)
 107.1 Rugby FM (Rugby)
 96.2 Touch FM (Coventry)
 102 Touch FM (Shakespeare’s County & The Vale)
 107.3 Touch FM (Warwick, Leamington & Kenilworth)
 101.6/102.4 Touch FM (Tamworth, Burton & Lichfield)