Jamie Giovinazzo: Cooking Up A Brand

Season 3, Episode 25,   Dec 03, 2019, 12:00 PM

On this weeks episode of Culturation™ we speak with the Self-Reliant Bro, Jamie Giovinazzo. We discuss how patience is the foundation of power, keeping tunnel vision, and self-reliance. 

Jamie is the founder and owner of Eat Clean Bro, a meal delivery service that provides freshly prepared meals made with all-natural ingredients to your doorsteps. From a young age, he’s had a love for food and the process behind prepping it. As he grew older, his love for food and fitness converged into one. It was not until he began bodybuilding as a teenager that he discovered the true art behind the generic term “eating clean”. He saw the way proper nutrition and diet could transform the body, and was fascinated by the entire concept that simply prepping meals could completely change the way one looked and felt.

Ten years ago, he was given a compliment by a stranger in the gym followed by a question of what it was he ate, to which he replied, “Grilled chicken, sweet potatoes, and broccoli, bro.” And who would have guessed his response would light the fire and spark his destiny... He asked, “Can you cook for me?”, and just like that, at 19 years old, with zero business experience, he began working as the owner of his own food business. 

Within two weeks, his entire office was ordering clean, prepared meals, and he began to see what a demand there was for clean food. What was even more interesting to him, was that people wanted healthy options, but they simply did not have the time. As he battled through highs and lows in his career, he has come out as a successful and passionate entrepreneur who loves his friends and customers as much as he loves helping people achieve their goals.

Now, Eat Clean Bro has been in business for 5 years, and prepares/delivers thousands of meals each day, and he could not be more grateful.

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