Episode 12: Game Workers Unite with Ellen Cunningham

Dec 03, 2019, 02:26 PM

Game Workers Unite in Ireland - a branch of the FSU - has been making some waves of late. The newly formed community of game workers is seeking improvements in terms and conditions across the sector, and have already had success in attracting activists, volunteers and members.

In this latest edition of the Office Block Podcast, Game Workers Unite Ireland coordinator Ellen Cunningham talks to Paul Dillon about the Games industry in Ireland and workers are coming together to make change happen. They talk about some big issues facing Game Workers, and delve into some important topics affecting the sector which have captured headlines in the past.

Episode 12 takes up a theme previously covered in Episode 5, where we discussed tech workers uniting and looked at the international Game Workers movement.  You can catch up on all our previous podcasts on  www.theofficeblock.org. Find us on twitter @TheOBtweets or on Facebook @theofficeblock