Devin Delliquanti

Season 1, Episode 8,  Dec 07, 2019, 11:30 AM

My guest this week is Devin Delliquanti. After getting his start at The Onion, Devin’s written for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah ever since Trevor took over the show from Jon Stewart. He’s also written for Kenan Thompson when he hosted the NHL awards and has himself hosted the New York Video Game Awards three times. Recorded the day after Boris Johnson prorogued parliament, our transatlantic conversation covers the less-than-upbeat political similarities between the US and UK, how Trump has changed late night, what people don’t tell you about hosting award shows until you’re doing it, what it’s like writing jokes that play to the audience at home versus those that play to the audience in the room, why stories are vital in both light and dark times, and how not wanting to dissect a fetal pig led him on the road to comedy. It’ll make sense when you hear him tell it, don’t worry. (It’s no secret how long I’ve been a massive fan of The Daily Show so this was phenomenally exciting!)