Episode 10: The Mind's Eye Of Joe Begos & Graham Skipper

Jul 27, 2016, 08:00 AM

First up on this week's episode of Shock Waves, Rebekah McKendry reports back from the 2016 Fantasia Film Festival and has tons of horror recommendations including titles such as WE ARE THE FLESH, WE GO ON, TRASH FIRE, I AM NOT A SERIAL KILLER and much, much more. Then hosts Rob Galluzzo and Elric Kane are joined by special guests Joe Begos and Graham Skipper, the writer/director and star (respectively) of the upcoming horror/sci-fi flick THE MIND'S EYE. We delve into the inspirations behind the film, making movies with your friends on your own terms, how they both met while working for Stuart Gordon and then start gushing about Gordon's filmography. Only one full bottle of whiskey was harmed during the recording of this episode, so kick back and enjoy this candid chat!