Page to Stage: Mayonnaise Like This

Season 2, Episode 1,  Dec 11, 2019, 02:27 PM

‘Mayonnaise Like This’, is the story of a Van Morrison impersonating chipper and his prodigal son, Georgie Morrison. Georgie is trying to shake off the family business and reinvent himself as a budding nutritionist. He has fallen in love with a yoga going classmate who he thinks can solve all of his problems but ends up getting him in more trouble when he makes a promise he cant possibly keep. A family drama with both laughs and tears, 'Mayonnaise Like This' is about identity, growing up in the modern world and the truth of the age old saying: liars never win.

Mayonnaise Like This, by Mahon McCann was written, produced, edited, and directed as part of Queen's University Belfast's MA in Creative Writing, Page to Stage module. The module is taught by Tim Loane. 

Thomas Finnegan - Georgie
Gerard McCabe - Tony
Susan Davies - Katie
Cathy Brennan - Katie's Mother
Megan McGarry - Shana
Peter Gilroy - Jimmy
Comhgall McKeating - Teacher
Aniskaa Rajasagaran - Lecturer
Mahon McCann - Police/bouncer
Maisie Linford - Producer
Aniskaa Rajasagaran - Producer
Michael J Daly - Director
Holly Yates - Director
Comhgall McKeating - Story Editor
Xuejing Wang - Sound Editor