Dec 13, 2019, 05:09 AM

We all know you can’t really buy the things we writers want: inspiration, the power to spend as much time writing our books as we do thinking about them—not to mention sales, agents and editors. But you CAN grab a few things that make the writerly journey more fun. In this episode, we talk about the joys of journals and the perfect markers, tech tools that qualify as investments and those that are a little less spendy and suggest a few gifts for your writer groups stockings—including custom socks. 

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On that note, there are affiliate links in this post. Most will go to support the podcast, but the things KJ “borrowed” from Catherine Newman’s gift guide are her affiliate links (and she’s donating the proceeds this year). As always, this episode (and every episode) will appear for all subscribers in your usual podcast listening places, totally free as the #AmWriting Podcast has always been. This shownotes email is free, too, so please—forward it to a friend, and if you haven’t already, join our email list and be on top of it with the shownotes and a transcript every time there’s a new episode. 

And now, this week’s links!


From KJ:

KJ’s two sets of sticky notes: the color dots, and the color flags, from the glorious gift guide of one Catherine Newman.

KJ’s new favorite notebook, from Sarina (and Paipur—here’s their direct website).

Books and art supplies KJ is craving:
Finding Your Creative Voice, Lisa Congden

A set of watercolor paints like this one, also snatched from Catherine’s gift guide. And hey, why not this book she liked, too? A Field Guide to Color, Lisa Solomon.

The outline pens KJ keeps seeing on Instagram—or something like them— are here in plain, and here in glitter.

We talked about classes from Skillshare, BluPrint and Master Class.

From Jess: 

Book Nerd hat I bought at Parnassus but you can get from Out of Print

Pre-order Benjamin Dreyer’s Stet! Grammar game, out July 7, 2020

From Sarina: 

Frixion no-bleed, erasable markers in fineliners and plumper versions

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