Margaret Dabbs

Dec 12, 2019, 11:44 AM
In the last episode of the season, we put our feet up for an exclusive chat with Margaret Dabbs. Blurring the lines between science and beauty, Margaret Dabbs is an esteemed podiatrist and entrepreneur. Put your feet up and listen as she tells Mariella how she made her beauty breakthrough. 

"I’ve got a big level of compassion in me, but also I’ve got that fight which says pick yourself up and go for it."

 “There isn’t a foot we can’t help,” says entrepreneur and podiatrist Margaret Dabbs. Proving that there is a place for hands, legs and feet treatments in the luxury market, Dabbs and her team combine chiropody and pampering while you ensconce yourself in a reclining chair.  This ‘medical pedicure’ – a term coined by Dabbs – doesn’t stop there. The aesthetician has concocted a life-changing line of ultra-moisturising products that will rehabilitate your worn-out tootsies. And guess what? There’s even a vegan range.