Patrick Scheurle of BlueOrchard - Scaling To Billions In Impact Investing Through Mircrofinance, Education And More

Dec 30, 2019, 03:18 AM
Patrick Scheurle is the Chief Executive Officer of BlueOrchard and he was instrumental to the recent majority stake acquisition by the Schroders Group. Prior to that, he held the position of Chief Operating Officer at the company for 3 years. Patrick joined BlueOrchard from Bank Vontobel, where he was in charge of corporate business development and key strategic initiatives. He also held the position of Business Project Manager at Credit Suisse following various assignments as financial analyst and portfolio manager with major Swiss asset management companies.

  • Importance of investor education
  • Why it is risky not to invest in impact investments
  • What would it take to convince all fund managers to embrace impact investing
  • Usage framework is a great way to democratise impact investing
  • SPIRIT - BlueOrchard’s proprietary impact management tool
  • At BlueOrchard it is key to combine both worlds of financial and impact features
  • Attractive financial features are drivers of impact investments
  • Why learning about microfinance was a turning point in Patrick Scheurle‘s career
Time Stamp:
[02:30] What is impact investment?
[05:26] Manager of the first ever commercial microfinance fund
[07:10] What is microfinance?
[14:00] Financial inclusion, education, reducing poverty and inequality and climate change
[16:40] Microfinance for African private schools
[20:40] Clients of BlueOrchard
[32:03] SPIRIT impact management
[35:00] Performance of impact investments and managing impact
[40:15] Scaling impact investment to the mainstream
[47:10] What inspired Patrick to go into impact investing

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