The Old Green Vegetables

Jan 22, 2020, 12:00 AM
Written by Neil Arnott

The Old Green Vegetables is a comedy featuring two long time drinking buddies Jack and Norman. They meet three or four times a week at their local, the Badger's Crook, somewhere in London, and while away the hours sharing a pint or two and putting the world to rights. Jack is an upright citizen, retired (ex-military) and fastidious about his appearance. Norman on the other hand  is somewhat shambolic, writing a book that never seems to progress and pottering around markets. He is also a conspiracy theorist with a long-hidden secret that, when it comes to light, amazes Jack and sends them both on an adventure which will change their lives forever.

Andrew C. Husband as Gerald
D.G Jones as Jack
David Swift as Norman 
and Katherine McDermott as Rosie

Directed by James Steventon and Lauren Sturgess