A decade of delight and decline

Dec 20, 2019, 12:00 AM

Vaishali Bhardwaj joins Lynsey Hooper and Kait Borsay for this week's show

It's our last roundtable of the decade and so we're looking back on the last 10 years and our memories from football, but we also look ahead to the future and fundamental festive fixtures that are coming up
Here's what we're talking about:

  • Topic 1 - Fundamental Festive Fixtures - Now it may have escaped your notice but it’s Christmas and there are a lot of festive fixtures so we’ve asked the team to pick out a couple of fixtures that will prove pivotal in either the relegation, top 4, or even possibly the title race - or frankly anything else!(04.50)
  • Topic 2 - A decade of delight and decline - It’s the end of the decade, and so to celebrate we’re looking back on some of the teams for whom the 2010s have been an amazing feat of progression, and those who would rather just forget the decade ever happened (15.10)
  • Topic 3 -  Momentous moments - To end the show, we’re going to get personal and we bring our football stories from the last 10 years (26.10)
  • AOB (37.00)

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