What Morph is really like with Director and Designer at Aardman Animations, Gavin Strange.

Episode 28,   Jan 10, 2020, 05:41 AM

This week we’ve packed our plasticine and carried out a search of The Avon to pick up Bristol’s finest maker of noise, Gavin Strange. By day, Gavin is Director and Designer at the beloved Aardman Animations, the Academy Award winning studio behind Wallace & Gromit, and by night he indulges in passion projects, drenching them in fizzy, fuzzy energy as he morphs into his alter-ego Jam Factory.

A serial tinkerer whose capacity for fun bursts through his beanie, Gavin is also an author, toy inventor and speaker. He talks to us candidly on this, having car parts thrown at his head, pixels, plasticine and what Morph is really like, the unlikely crossover of Maya Angelou and Dragon Ball Z, why we need more wonky things, and a whole lot more.

Embrace your fizz and fuzz. Listen and you won’t be disappointed.


Gavin/JamFactory Links:
Follow @JamFactory on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn 
And visit his website. (https://www.jam-factory.com/)
Gavin’s directorial debut, The Amazing Maya Angelou
Animation Recommendations: 
Adobe Creative Cloud (with student discount)
Or for more fizzy, fuzzy energy… listen to the audio version
Feck Perfuction by James Victore
Anything and everything by Shepard Fairey