Episode 8 - up on Chanctonbury Ring

Dec 25, 2019, 12:51 PM

Chanctonbury Ring - a mysterious landmark which has caught the imagination of people going back thousands of years.  A lurking spot for the Devil, Julius Caesar, Saxon ghosts, World War 2 bombs, Morris Dancers, the Great Beast Aleister Crowley, Victorian picnics and almost anything else you could imagine..

Justin Hopper's book Old Weird Albion covers Chanctonbury and other magic-infused sites along the South Downs Way:

Justin and Sharron Kraus released the album Chanctonbury Rings in 2018:

Jacqueline Simpson has written several books, but a good place to start is her book Folklore of Sussex:

The rest of the music in this episode comes from Adrien Rhodes, who I have to say a huge thank you too for providing the textures and ambience for Monument.