Warehouse Safety Tips | Episode 2 | Safety Colors

Season 1, Episode 2,   Dec 30, 2019, 07:43 PM

On this episode of Warehouse Safety Tips - we're going to discuss the meanings of Safety Tape colors in the workplace.

So stay tuned...

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If you're a seasoned Podcast Listener - this podcast is going to be different from most you listen to.  It's based around exactly what the name implies - Warehouse Safety Tips.  And since the people in that industry are busy - we know time is money, so each episode will be as short and to the point as possible.

And now that all that is out of the way - let's get to the Podcast!
When it comes to colors in the workplace - because we use them in everything from Traffic Lights and Signs to numerous other uses, two colors are going to be the most universal.  Those two colors are red and yellow.  We'll go over the specific uses for these and all the other colors - but since they do vary in some cases from location to location - the examples we're going to use come from one of our sponsors - Mighty Line.  You'll be hearing about them later in the podcast.

With that said - let's get to the colors.

We'll start with two of the most used colors in the workplace - and that's Yellow and Red.  As mentioned above - these are two of the most universal colors around.  From the time you can read and recognize colors - you know that yellow means caution and red means stop - and it's no different in the workplace.  When it comes to safety - yellow means you should exercise caution due to Pedestrian Walkways and/or Aisle Ways.  And red means Safety or Emergency Ways and/or Not Blocking Fire Extinguishers.

The color white signifies Production Equipment, such as Machines, Carts, and Incoming Racks.

The color green signifies Safety Related Equipment/Raw Material Areas and/or Eye Wash and Spillage Showers.

The color blue signifies Work in Progress Areas or Equipment Under Repair Zones.

Before continuing on with our basic colors - let's hear a word about one of our sponsors.

We're proud to have Mighty Line as THE Official Floor Sign / Floor Marking Company for the Warehouse Safety Tips Podcast and Site. 

Visit MightyLineTape.com/SafetyTips to request a Sample Pack of their incredible Safety Signs and Floor Markings.

Continuing on with our colors - black signifies Finished Goods Areas.

Not all colors related to safety have only one color.  For instance - when you're talking about Diagonal or Chevron Colors.  These will have two colors.  Two examples of this are as follows.

The colors Yellow and Black signify EXTRA Caution Areas - Pedestrian Walkways / Aisle Ways.

And wrapping up our examples of colors in the workplace we have Yellow and Red.  These colors signify Safety Equipment Areas - Fire Extinqushers, Electrical Panels, and/or AED Machines.

There are other solid and diagonal colors in the workplace - but these are the main ones you'll experience.

If you visit WarehouseSafetyTips.com - you'll find the Show Notes for this episode.  In those show notes - we’ve provided a color chart and links to where you can purchase the items shown and mentioned on this podcast.

Thank you for listening to Episode Two of Warehouse Safety Tips - and have SAFE day!