Boti Nagy takes to the NBL with 2020 vision

Episode 75,   Jan 02, 2020, 03:01 PM

Boti Nagy of 'The Brad and Boti Basketball Podcast' and talks all things RD13 and how the major storylines will play out through the rest of the season: 
- Melbourne United's struggles
- The play of FIBAWC selectees and non-selectees (Creek v Cooks)
- Is Boti a Kings and Will Weaver believer?
- Is/could Bryce Cotton be the GOAT?
- The 36ers 'buddy-buddy' lockeroom
- The Breakers 'bad' culture 
- Will the Hawks get better when LaMelo Ball returns?
- Rookie Andrew Gaze ('84) vs LaMelo Ball (NBL20) 
- Teys' flop and how to #StopTheFlop