Our Word Our World

Jan 04, 2020, 09:13 AM
When there’s no road left
and the land is dusty and dry; 
when there’s no way home 
and death falls from the sky;
when the lightning strikes
and floods rip through the town;
when there’s no evening meal
and death comes creeping round;
when there’s nothing on the shelf
and people wait to grow old;
when bullets cut through the air
and bones freeze in the cold;
when sirens are louder than laughter
and thousands flee from the city;
when eyes are closed in pain 
who will show any pity?
who will speak for the fearful
who will stand with the weak
who will stand up to power
and find the words to speak
We will 
stand together.
Stand together
and be heard.
We will 
stand together.
Stand together
it’s our word.