Recreating Intimacy - How to Rebuild Trust, Love and Affection

Episode 1,   Aug 14, 2019, 02:23 PM

At first, our relationships are full of vitality, excitement & romance. We are so happy & enthralled with our partners, that it almost seems like they can do no wrong, and everything is easily forgivable.

But over time, our patience wanes and we begin to notice the little things that never bothered us before. Resentment builds and connection slips.

Intimacy suffers. And sometimes years go by.....

If you are in a such a situation, you need to learn some steps you can take to bring back the love & romance - intimacy in your relationship.

This can be done: by changing your thoughts, speech & action, you can greatly improve your attitude & connection with your partner.

Learn how to bring back - actually improve upon - the good old days, and recreate in love and intimacy.

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