Having positive conversations about meat and dairy

Episode 113,  Jan 07, 2020, 07:00 AM

January 2020 should be seen as a huge opportunity to set the record straight, hold our heads high and shout about the positives of livestock farming in the UK.

How can we do this together?

We've produced a pack of support materials to help positively manage the reputation of meat and dairy during January 2020 and beyond.

The packs contain evidence-based resources and social media infographics to support the meat and dairy industry in having positive conversations with a consistent narrative. Visit here for further information. 

As with meat, the key message with dairy is balance. Different food groups work best when consumed together in moderation as part of a balanced plate approach. Milk and dairy foods are important sources of several nutrients which contribute to our positive well being, including calcium, iodine and protein.

Read the recent blog from Will Jackson, AHDB's Strategy Director Beef & Lamb here. 

Our team will be monitoring social feeds and press, and encourage everyone to follow and share content from the AHDB social feeds.