Monday, January 6: Toll Fights, Football Recaps, And Dumb Ass News

Jan 06, 2020, 08:47 PM

The toll fight got weird when an e-mail leaked from the Governor's office (0:00)

The young age you did an adult thing - though trying to light a bullet on fire with the kitchen stove should never be done by anyone else, ever (10:48)

Lori Loughlin hired a prison expert for advice on her potential sentence in the college entrance exam scandal. Lynn shared her father's prison story, and the encounters she had with a notorious inmate while visiting him (16:09)

Senator Blumenthal talks about Iran, and his New Year's celebrations (27:42)

NFL Agent Joe Linta talks about the Patriots loss, the future of Tom Brady in the NFL, his new picks to make the Super Bowl, and his thoughts on the no-call that ended the Vikings/Saints game (43:19)

Dumb Ass News - Florida man wakes up to another man sucking his toes (53:56)