Terrie Silverman: The Magic of Mentoring Storytellers

Season 1, Episode 12,   Jan 07, 2020, 08:08 PM

What is a “Story Mentor” and how does Terrie Silverman, founder of Creative Rites, make magic happen through her mighty teaching powers? Silverman works with her clients to help them discover and refine their voices in such mediums as memoir, personal essay, storytelling, alt comedy, fiction, and plays/screenplays. She’s one of the few facilitators in LA who coach others in creating their own one-person performances. Plus, she’s the creator of Goativity, letting your creative imagination flow through interaction with live goats. Yes, goats! The ones who eat tin cans. 

Come listen to her wax rhapsodic on her twenty years as a teacher inspiring students to tell their vital, personal stories.