Ana Matronic: Scissor Sisters frontwoman

Jan 09, 02:00 AM

Singer, DJ and drag queen Ana Matronic was the front woman for queer pop heroes Scissor Sisters.

In the first episode of Season Two, Scissor Sisters frontwoman Ana helps host Alice Beverton-Palmer choose a drag name - and has advice for single Dorothies looking for a guy.

With a gay father and godfathers, Ana is a born Dorothy. She fulfilled her destiny in lavish style - moving to San Francisco as a teenager and then later New York City, where she performed at and hosted burlesque and drag nights. 

She met Jake Shears while he was dressed as his character "Jason the Amazing Back-Alley Late Term Abortion" and the rest was history. Scissor Sisters came together shortly afterwards and became a global sensation, filling arenas and Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage. Their album ‘Scissor Sisters’ remains one of the 20 biggest-selling albums of the 21st century.

After realising they couldn’t possibly get gayer than Let’s Have A Kiki, the band went on hiatus in 2012. These days, you can find Ana hosting BBC Radio 2 show Dance Devotion every weekend, as well as BBC Eurovision coverage.