John Foster. UFOs. Up close and real personal - Web Exclusive. 1 10 2020. Alien agenda - hidden programming of humans underway...

Jan 10, 03:19 PM

Real contact and decades of memories documented with drawings of the various craft. Programmed by ETs? Aliens? TransDimensionals? Maybe our categories need updating. He wasn't the only one. When John met others who were taken as well - and they recognized him - his memories were confirmed.

Shorter version available 2/9/20, KCMO Talk Radio 710 AM. This is the longer version of my interview with Experiencer John Foster.

Now in his 80's, he remembers in person contact from childhood through  age 48 when he resisted and asked not to continue. Extraordinary. More info on my blogs at Wendy's Coffeehouse and on his site 

John Foster's story is a real-time demonstration of the Holographic Universe. Posted on my other blog. Link1. Additional background Link2