Monday, January 13: Remembering Neil Peart, NFL Recap, Oscar Noms, And More!

Jan 13, 2020, 06:51 PM

Dumb Ass News - viral audio of a dumb answer on the Canadian "Family Feud" (0:00)

News 8's Teresa Dufour talks about getting over her speech impediment as a kid to become a broadcaster, and being a food expert in Connecticut (6:24)

Jimmy Koplik talks about the surprising death of Rush drummer Neil Peart, and Steve Savo calls in to talk about working with Neil for years (15:45)
Court audio from Aretha who beat up a guy with a pipe iron, and Tony from New Jersey sounds very familiar (30:21)

NFL Agent Joe Linta talks about the surprising Ravens loss to the Titans, his picks for the Super Bowl, and picks a winner for tonight NCAA Championship (38:07)

Boss Keith threatened to murder everyone for their terrible takes on the Oscar nominations (48:13)