That's So Cincinnati: Crossroads' commitment to racial healing, 'Mayor' Mingo, goetta first-timer, 'The Farm'

Season 2, Episode 19,  Jan 15, 2020, 05:26 PM

Crossroads' Chuck Mingo is on the frontline of working to bring racial reconciliation to Greater Cincinnati. 

Thousands have gone through the megachurch's six-week "Undivided" program, which emphasizes people of different races and backgrounds to build long-term relationships.

Mingo joins That's So Cincinnati podcast to chat about the successful program he started; race relations in the city; Crossroads' growth; and making the leap of faith from a successful business career to ministry.

Also this week, TSC cohosts Jason Williams and Sharon Coolidge discuss the role "The Farm" banquet center played in local politics and the upcoming Hamilton County Democratic Party endorsement process.

The joys of winter camping, and Jason has goetta for the first time.