Friday, January 17: Comedian Jim Gallagher Stops By, The Weird Things Pets And Kids Swallow, And More!

Jan 17, 2020, 06:21 PM

Tribe stories about the odd things that their pets and children have accidentally swallowed (0:00)

The CEO of bare knuckle fighting shares his predictions for the Conor McGregor v. Cowboy Cerrone fight tomorrow (16:10)

Scot Haney calls in after missing his usual Friday segment, because of a bathroom emergency (20:10)

Comedian Jim Gallagher explains his small role in "The Irishman" (26:41)

Dumb Ass News - Jim Gallagher calls Al Pacino on his cell, and they discuss working together on set during filming of "The Irishman" (33:49)

Boss Keith's Top 5 mistakes he makes every day, that make him an easy target for robberies (36:26)