SuperShow 4: PlayStation 5 Skipping E3 2020?!

Jan 19, 10:30 PM

With Sony's Playstation skipping E3 this year, we ask the question: "Is E3 even relevant any more?"

E3 is the major gaming event in everyone's calendar, but there is no doubt that over the years it's slowly been getting worse and worse. For the second year in a row, Sony PlayStation will skip E3! Sony have a HUGE year ahead of them with the reveal of the PlayStation 5 and will probably want to do things their own way. Microsoft, on the other hand, are more than happy to fill the gap left by the PS5 and are planning a massive E3 2020 press conference centred around their Xbox Series X! This all leaves us asking the question: Is E3 even necessary any more? While we try figure out if it is, PlayStation published their Games Of The Decade list with some surprising entries!