Short Stories: Naomi Ishiguro, Hannah Vincent & Victoria Adeniji West

Episode 4,  Jan 26, 2020, 04:45 PM

Bigger's not always better, right?! This month's episode is all about the Short Story, and we're joined in the studio by: Naomi Ishiguro, whose debut collection ESCAPE ROUTES comes out in February with Headline; Emerging Short Story writer and blogger Victoria Adeniji West; Brighton resident, author of several novels & a forthcoming Short Story collection, SHE CLOWN, Hannah Vincent; Brighton Book Club regular, Elizabeth Perry, discussing her favourite short story collections; plus we chat about of this month's book club pick, THE HEARTSICK DIASPORA, by Elaine Chiew.

Don’t forget, you can order SHE CLOWN and THE HEARTSICK DIASPORA with 25% off and free UK P&P via the Myriad website using the code BTNBOOKCLUB.

Next month's book club book is AN AMERICAN MARRIAGE by Tayari Jones. If you’d like to read along, Oneworld have given us a couple of copies. Drop us a message on Instagram or an email and we'll get one to you.

Chapter 5 is a music special with local author Bethan Roberts, whose new book GRACELAND maps the relationship between Elvis Presley and his mother. We'll be talking to local musician turned writer Paul Simmonds and we're VERY excited to have a co-host in the shape of Sarah Ozo-Irabor who hosts the excellent Books and Rhymes podcast, which puts a musical twist on your favourite books.

In events news, Anna's hosting a panel event at Unbarred Brewery and Taproom on February 11th. We’ll be talking to three women who are ‘doing love differently’ and will feature Lucy Fry – a writer and journalist whose new book EASIER WAYS TO SAY I LOVE YOU is out with Myriad Editions in February. It’s a memoir about polyamory, parenting, sex and love. Writer, comedian and former sex worker Miranda Kane and a-sexual, a-romantic activist Yasmin Benoir will also be on the panel. Get your tickets here

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