"Peter's Proffer" w/ Attorney Peter Tragos "Homeless Empowerment Program" 1-21-20

Jan 21, 06:34 PM


The experienced lawyers at Tragos, Sartes & Tragos discuss common legal questions, provide some insight into the legal process, and cover current events as they relate to the legal field.

In this week’s episode of Peter’s Proffer, we’re excited to highlight one of the awesome community organizations we support: the Homeless Empowerment Program. We’re joined by founder Barb Green, as well as Ashley Lowery, President & CEO of HEP, to talk about how the organization helps homeless children, families, veterans and other individuals across Clearwater. Tune in to learn about what they do, what events they organize and how you can get involved. #Clearwater #Tragoslaw #radio #TampaBay