E103 - Enigma Unlocked

Jan 22, 05:50 AM
January 2020 
80 years ago, in January 1940, British and French troops were freezing in their dugouts awaiting a German attack which would not come for several months yet; the so-called ‘Phony war’.
Bletchley Park, by contrast was a hive of activity as efforts were made to break into German codes and ciphers, including the Enigma system, before the land war began in earnest.
In this ‘It Happened Here’ episode we are guided by Bletchley Park’s Research Historian Dr David Kenyon through the evolution of this infamous cipher machine, and the international efforts which led to the unlocking of its secrets in January 1940.
As usual special thanks go to Mr Ben Thompson for voicing our archival documents.
Image courtesy of Vic Roberts.
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