Best Year Ever winner lives in Ashford!

Jan 23, 02:22 PM

Win £2020 in 2020. 'Best Year Ever' is back! Start the new year by winning cash on kmfm. Whether you want to book a holiday of your dreams or put it towards a deposit for a house, make it a memorable one, and make it the 'Best Year Ever!' To win, listen to kmfm (from 13th January) to play after 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm and 5pm (Monday-Friday). There are 70 boxes (1-70). Behind each box is one word. If you get on to play you just have to give 3 numbers between 1 and 70, and if they are revealed to say "Best" "Year" "Ever" in this exact order you will win £2,020! The longer you listen, the more chance you have of winning, because you will hear the numbers to avoid and that will help you to win the Best Year Ever jackpot!

Lauren Sackett has won kmfm's competition, 'Best Year Ever.'

Since 13th January Kent's radio station has been giving listeners the chance to celebrate 2020 by winning £2020. 

Listeners had to guess three box numbers in the correct order that revealed the words, 'Best' 'Year' 'Ever.'

After 42 rounds of the competition, Lauran Scakett from Ashford was the 43rd caller to get on to play.

Revealing on air to Andy Walker that she wanted to take her two children on their first abroad holiday is she won, she gave the three correct box numbers, and in the right order as: 53, 14, 47.

Hear the moment Lauren won and even apologised to her work colleagues after celebrating.