Service Course | Episode 6 | Gold Medal Machine?

Season 8, Episode 8,  Jan 24, 2020, 05:46 PM

In this episode of Service Course, Lizzy Banks and Tom Whalley take a close look at the new HB.T track bike that Team GB will be riding at the Olympics in Tokyo. A collaboration between Hope Technology and Lotus Engineering, the bike’s striking looks are certain to divide opinion. To find out more about the design, Lizzy spoke with Tony Purnell, the head of development at British Cycling. He believes that, in a few years time, we will see road bikes emulating the design of the HB.T

We also hear from Lizzy’s Bigla - Katusha teammate Martina Alzini, who is part of a very exciting, Italian team pursuit squad. Martina talks about the beautiful new Pinarello that the Italians will be riding in Tokyo, and gives her thoughts on GB’s new machine.

Service Course is supported by Science In Sport ( Listeners can get 25% off their Science in Sport orders with the code SISCP25.

This episode is also sponsored by Alzheimer's Society, which helps support the 850,000 people in the UK who are living with dementia while working to find a cure. Alzheimer’s Society has a series of charity events for riders of all abilities in 2020 so check out if you’re looking to set yourself a challenge.

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