Case 001: The Superstar & The Serial Killer

Season 1, Episode 1,   Jan 28, 2020, 03:00 AM

Did a pre-fame Debbie Harry really have a close call with serial killer Ted Bundy in 1972? That’s the case that’s landed on the desks of Ricky & Tony: Pop Detectives.

It’s Ricky’s first day on the job as a gumshoe apprentice and there’s a lot of evidence to go through. The story goes that one late night in Manhattan, Harry was picked up by a creepy but handsome man driving a VW Beetle but found she couldn’t get out. She luckily managed to make a run for it but years later was convinced the driver was none other than the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy. 
Ricky & Tony’s black book is the envy of the pop detective world and to crack this case they need the best experts. An informant from the Alcatraz East Crime Museum who now own Ted Bundy’s car is sure to know the gritty details of that VW Bug and if there was ever an expert who could give the inside scoop on Ted Bundy, it’s self confessed ‘Bundyphile’ E.J Hammon.
Was the pop world very nearly deprived of Blondie, or was it a creepy case of mistaken identity? Ricky & Tony will find out, one way or another...
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From Globe Productions 
Producer: Gareth Evans
Creative Producers: Will Nichols, Geoff Lloyd
Researcher: Eloise Carr