EP.01 - Unravelling the Iranian Crisis

Feb 03, 2020, 01:18 PM
This episode of Conduit Conversations was recorded live at The Conduit in January, when Paul van Zyl moderated an expert panel on the geopolitical consequences of the latest events in the Middle East. From explaining the origins of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action to predicting the Trump administration's long-term strategy in regards to Iran, this was an in-depth and vital discussion about a core crisis of our time.

We were delighted to welcome back previous Conduit Conversations guest Christiane Amanpour, Chief International Anchor for CNN, and host of CNN International and PBS’s nightly interview programme Amanpour. Christiane and Paul were joined by Dr Sanam Vakil, Deputy Director and Senior Research Fellow for the Middle East and North Africa Programme at Chatham House, and Ellie Geranmeyah, Senior Policy Fellow and Deputy Director of the Middle East and North Africa Programme at the European Council on Foreign Relations.

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