S02E02 - Researching Material Technologies with Shreyas More

Season 2, Episode 2,   Feb 05, 2020, 03:49 PM

Join us as we learn and discuss from Shreyas about material innovation and sustainable building material technologies. Tune in to dive into the fascinating world of green building technologies and crazy new materials like memory alloys, mushrooms roots ad more!
Gain insights into the process of research and what it takes to become an expert in material innovation!

About Shreyas More:

He is the lead researcher at the New Materials Research Centre at the Indian School of Design and Innovation, Mumbai where he develops the practice of material driven designs and system innovations for sustainable futures. His work is centred at the intersection of materials, design, biology, technology and digital fabrication. He has been the former interim Program Director of UG Interior Design 2016-17.

His on-going research The Green Charcoal entails the development of biodegradable concrete that allows the growth of living ecosystems on buildings. The Green Charcoal has been exhibited at the Future of Architecture and Building [FAB] Biennale, Mumbai 2018 to initiate conversations on the need to material innovation in the built industry to address the local and global crisis of resource availability, waste management, climate change and degrading urban environments. His research at ISDI extends into academic studios across various undergrad and post-grad programs on developing new-age thinking towards the circular economy, waste as resource, new materials choice and performance.

He has attained Master in Advanced Architecture MAA01 from Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Spain in 2015. With specialization in Digital Matter - Intelligent Constructions, he was investigating in the use of shape memory alloys in creating passive deployable and self-shading systems in architecture.

Instagram handle: @shreyasmore09