Conversations with Oscar: Ford v Ferrari

Season 3, Episode 107,   Feb 05, 2020, 06:00 AM

Well friends we made it. This is our last episode of our #ConversationsWithOscar series for the season and we are finishing with what we have renamed Ford v Ford because that is basically what the movie is. If you are wondering why it is nominated for #BestPicture it's because Joy jinxed it during the #GoldenGlobes. So feel free to blame her for the snubs of #UncutGems and #TheFarewell. 

Overall we didn't think the movie was bad, it was fine. We agreed that Damon and Bale are great actors and can make most things better just by being there...although we could have done without Matt Damons accent. Crystal nailed it when she said it is the d
ad nominee of the year. 

What did you think? What are you hoping takes home the big win? Tell us YOUR thoughts over on Twitter and Instagram @wehavethoughts3. Thanks for hanging out with us this season and we'll be back next year for #ConversationswithOscar
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