EP 93: Navigating a world of microaggressions and hidden racism with Nova Reid

Feb 06, 06:00 AM
Dear Listener,

I’ve got Nova Reid back on the podcast this week diving deep into the topic of anti-racism. 

Nova is an anti-racism campaigner, diversity consultant, TEDX speaker,  writer, director of the documentary ‘Other’ and creator of the amazing ‘Anti-racism and White Privilege course’. She runs diversity and anti-racism training and workshops for companies that want to proactively address systemic racism and create a safe space for people of every colour to work in. Her anti-racism online course has honestly changed my life. And she recently did an incredibly powerful and courageous TED Talk on microaggressions and how to use white privilege to dismantle racism. 

Nova and I recorded an episode on racism about eight months ago. It was incredibly powerful. And if you are white and new to the topic of systemic racism and white privilege, then I really encourage you to listen to our first episode that we did back in the summer. It will help you to understand why this conversation can be so triggering and how to breathe through it and simply listen. 

The reason we came back to talk more about anti-racism is because we need to keep talking about it and because we wanted to dive into the all important  topic of microaggressions - the little things white people (often the well-meaning, kind-hearted white people) do that make black and brown people feel immediately ‘othered’.

So in this episode we talk about:
  • What microaggressions are and Nova shares the impact of being on the receiving end of them 
  • What white people can do to become aware of the daily microaggressions that are happening around them and how to catch their own micro aggression moments.  
  • What black and brown people can do when they are on the receiving end of a micro-aggression 
  • How white people can proactively create a safe space (at work and at home, among friends and family) where microaggressions can be talked about, acknowledged 
  • And the simple but incredibly powerful act of white people saying ‘sorry’ when it happens 

This is an incredibly important conversation that we need to keep having. It’s not always an easy conversation for anyone to have, so thank you for listening and being a part of it. We’ll be carrying on the conversation over on instagram @loveprojectlove and @novareid.

And for more from Nova, head on over to https://novareid.com/, follow her on @novareid on instagram and sign up to her White Privilege course. Be part of the change. You’ll never regret it.

X Selina