Explore Sound At London VI Workshops

Feb 06, 2020, 02:49 PM

Intrasonus UK champion immersive sound production by using sound to transform lives through music, dance and storytelling.
They’re currently offering workshops for blind and visually impaired people at the The Bloomsbury UCL Theatre in London and would like to invite you to come along. 
We spoke with Composer and Sound Architect , Roberto David Rusconi about the project and why it’s so important.
Roberto spoke with RNIB Connect Radio’s Simon Pauley. 
For more information visit: www.intrasonus.org/workshops 
Next workshop dates are: Friday February 7th: 9.30am - 11am, February 21st & 28th :11am -1pm, March 6th & 20th: 11 am-1pm, and then on April 3rd & 17th: 9:30 am-11am, with special full day workshops Monday April 13th – Wednesday 15th: 9:30 am – 4pm. 

(Photo shows a blurry image of a dancer against a pitch black backdrop)