Featuring Rachael Welford

Feb 07, 2020, 03:06 PM

Featuring Rachael Welford on the importance of meditation, and the launch of the Self Love Challenge in The Sober Club, are you #selflovecurious

This weeks podcast features Rachael Welford of Welford Wellbeing, they discuss the link between alcohol and anxiety and mental health, and the importance of finding another way to ‘quiet’ your mind. Rachael teaches meditation and is a coach and trainer www.welfordwellbeing.com

Rachael is also one of the contributors in the Self Love Challenge in The Sober Club, we have just started so sign up to receive nor just the usual resources but also a 7 day challenge with free guided meditations courtesy of experts such as Rachael and a whole host of resources. You only need to commit fifteen minutes a day max and if you are already rocking meditation some of these resources might spice up your practice
Are you #selflovecurious ?

Janey also discusses the recent news reports about hospital admissions increasing by 60 per cent due to alcohol related illness, that’s before you start on the ‘grey area’ drinkers!

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Our next Champneys wellness break Selfcare in Sobriety is 13-14 June at Champneys Tring in Herts, the link will be under events in the next day or so

Our next Sobriety Rocks retreat at Inner Guidance is now likely to be in August or September, please register your interest 
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